You Reap What You Sow

DT1567Say you take about twenty-five (25) years and just tolerate innocent ignorance.

Say you realize the innocent are ignorant and try gently to move them in another direction after you have cuddled and protected them for many years. When you try, you will find out it is a tad bit too late. For a quarter century you allowed the “ignorant” system to take root and foster its growth. The resistance you will face will be ferocious, illogical, emotional and very strong.

This will cost you….personally. They will misunderstand you. They will think of you as a “know it all” who wants to teach them a lesson they do not need to learn–an “elite”; maybe even a “coastal elite”. It will cause distance between you and some of them, and those who sympathize with them, even as you love them individually. It will not be pleasant.

I have no idea if this is worth the price. I do know it is a price I have to pay, because my very nature says to …”do something!”…and I always do. I wish I knew how to have done it when it would have had more of a real effect.

I was going to quote the Bible here, but after I read what was available, I decided it was all fostering “ignorance”.




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