Vernal Equinox: Spring is here…

There are two days in any year when the day and night are equal in time; perfect equilibrium of dark and light. The moment this happens is called an “Equinox”. The one that occurs right between winter and spring, is scientifically known as the “Vernal Equinox”

I have always called it “NoRooz”, two words, “New” and “Day”. Happy Spring! For over at least 3000 years so many people, in one way or another, in the open or in secret, have celebrated it. “Happy Spring Peeps! Happy Nowruz” This is one new year event that makes some scientific sense to me at least; even as I love all “new year” celebrations.

ver·nal e·qui·nox
ˈvərnl ˈekwəˌnäks,ˈēkwəˌnäks,ˈekwēˌnäks/
noun: vernal equinox; plural noun: vernal equinoxes
  1. the equinox in spring, on about March 20 in the northern hemisphere and September 22 in the southern hemisphere.
    • Astronomy
      the equinox in March.
    • Astronomy
      another term for First Point of Aries (see Aries)

Published by

Avery Mann

I am not any of the" Avery Mann"s who pop up when you Google the name; not the one who has written a couple of books...not the media executive...etc...etc. The following definitions were selected from Wikipedia or some such source--too many contradicting citations from other sources; might as well go with the one not known for scholarly accolades, but...used and cited most often: "Avery" is a given name taken from Avery, an English surname that was itself derived from an Old French version of the name Alfred or the Ancient Germanic name Alberich. The meaning of the name is derived from the Old English words aelf, meaning elf, and raed, meaning counsel. "Mann" is a surname of Germanic origin. The word means "man", "person", "husband". "ᛗ" is a single character (rune) in the traditional old-English, Anglo Saxon, runic alphabet, which denotes "Mann". "Mann" is also a surname of Jatt origin. Words, letters, all are just signs--intended to facilitate identification and then communication. That is the only sort of Avery or Mann that I chose to be.

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