What do you wanna do next my friend?

Refelcting Mountain Lake

Where do your views on work and life complement one another?

Work should be the extension of life or life itself. But, for most people bringing that about is only an impossible dream; or at least they think it is. Most work is done as an interpretation of what “survival” means to us personally. For some, it is as basic as food, shelter, health, and if we are lucky, love. For others, nothing is enough–“greed” is not the subject of this post, but some people have no conception of what the estate of our existence truly is. We all are born and just as surely will some day die. “Death” is just a word, but “Life” is everything. “They” live as far away from the “Truth” as one can get (Yes, there is a “Truth”). They want what they have, what they can make or get, and whatever they can take, steal, or swindle from others; all to just leave it all behind when they die.

True measure of our “Work” is what we leave behind-our legacy. But, it is also measured by how we create our legacy. What we create and leave behind includes more valuable intangibles and material possessions (our “toys”) do not matter to anyone else for long anyway. Ever seen the artifact in a museum that is labeled, “Male, figurine, 1500 B.C.”? History leaves most of us anonymous. Unless we get that, we are lost.

Work should be viewed as what occupies our time when we engage the world beyond means of “survival”; though survival is our first job.

Work “should be” what we can do in this life to leave it better than we found it–

Where my work views and life views compliment each other is where the lucky few reside; it is where one can make a living doing what is loved, or almost always loved.

Where do they clash?

They clash between finding myself working for a living,  and working on what I love is just as derivative of our needs. We call it “money”–it is an invention; a contrivance; a tool. It is a thing agreed upon, but of conjured value in human society. How much paper do you recycle each week, if you do recycle? The only difference between the fast food paper wrapper you dispose of and the hundred-dollar bill you protect so carefully in a leather pouch called a wallet, is the value the members of any society have agreed to bestow on that piece of paper. The value is an “agreement”; the substrate is the carrier of that value, so is the ink, the design, the selection of people whose images we choose to print on this designated paper.

I like this valuable paper; it has become the symbol and extension of what any human needs to “survive” here. But, somewhere along the history of our evolution we went from hunting for food to buying it. In between those two stages modern concept of “work” came to be. Why? Because we specialized into a thousand occupations and started exchanging what we each do with each other…to live; to survive.

My Workview does not always clash with my Lifeview–only when I despise what I do, and when I work only to get paid. We all at times might have been there. It is a soul crushing business to have to survive doing something we hate. The closer the two ends of “work” and “love” are to each other, the more the likelihood that we would find “bliss” before we turn in the keys and leave the hotel.

Does one drive the other? How?

Depends on the timing and when you ask this question. When you are young, you work to make some money, gain some experience; maybe pay for your education. Once work becomes the occupation of adulthood, it becomes imperative to engage in work that is driven by what we love to do. If that is not possible, then to try and come as close to this state as we can. Not to do so is a recipe for “misery”

Most of my life so far, I have lived as I have wanted. What I have done to facilitate this has included occupations that I sometimes loved, sometimes liked, and a few times I tolerated.

The minute I have realized I am in a state of “toleration”, I have switched careers. It is a tough road, but a necessary one to walk if you feel compelled to be genuine. It also takes planning, self-reflection, willingness to learn with humility….and continuously, and…it takes patience.

Once again, I am standing and reflecting at one of those cross-roads. As I sit here writing, and listening to some amazing Blues music, I am on my way to what I will choose for myself to be next.