Do…”something good”

Every day I wake up, get ready, and go outside to do what everyone has told me all my life matters. I actually think it does. If for no other reason, because there are people who depend on me for being out there. I have a small operation; five or six staff, a partner. We serve a lot of people. We do make a living, but take on so many clients who would be turned down in almost every other place we know of.

I do not talk about what we do here, because I decided I wanted this blog to be anonymous. Who cares who I am? No one should. The only thing that matters is what we do–any of us. I am not saying individuals do not matter. I am saying individuals should not do anything for self-recognition and promotion, unless it allows them to help many more people. I actually think celebrities who help different causes need to be recognized, because they do have a capital in their name recognition they can lend to helping others. But, for someone like me…does it matter who I am? What my name is? I think not. If I ever thought my personal identity could promote helping others I would advertise it aggressively. In the meantime we will stick to just doing our work. By the way, only part of my work is really helping others. The rest earns enough to subsidize our needy clients. So, some of my work is about shaking my head in private, charging a really high hourly rate from those who both need and can afford my help, and comfort myself in the solace that I do that part of our work to pay the bills, support my family, and continue to be able to help those who do not earn in a week what I charge in a couple of hours otherwise.

We are all passengers on this journey. We cannot trust our ability to leave any mark that can survive us, but maybe for our children, if we are lucky to have any, and…our words..if they are written, even more so than if they are recorded.

I write this because I feel we have a duty to write. Who knows? Maybe someone–even if just one other person–can be inspired to do…something good.

Published by

Avery Mann

I am not any of the" Avery Mann"s who pop up when you Google the name; not the one who has written a couple of books...not the media executive...etc...etc. The following definitions were selected from Wikipedia or some such source--too many contradicting citations from other sources; might as well go with the one not known for scholarly accolades, but...used and cited most often: "Avery" is a given name taken from Avery, an English surname that was itself derived from an Old French version of the name Alfred or the Ancient Germanic name Alberich. The meaning of the name is derived from the Old English words aelf, meaning elf, and raed, meaning counsel. "Mann" is a surname of Germanic origin. The word means "man", "person", "husband". "ᛗ" is a single character (rune) in the traditional old-English, Anglo Saxon, runic alphabet, which denotes "Mann". "Mann" is also a surname of Jatt origin. Words, letters, all are just signs--intended to facilitate identification and then communication. That is the only sort of Avery or Mann that I chose to be.

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