The Same Damn Apology!

I wonder how many people start a blog, then trickle down to sporadically showing up to post something, and start by saying how long they have NOT been posting anything. Who the f@#k cares? Does anyone? I am guilty of this often enough so I will stop doing it. Case in point right here; very prior post “Been a While!”

So what? If I write, I have written. If not, then (drum rolllll)….I have not!

Randomly, I recall an old SNL piece with Steve Martin where he is like a self-help guru on how to avoid paying taxes. More specifically how to make a million dollars and not pay taxes. His advice goes something like this:

First, get a million dollars.

Then, don’t pay any taxes.

If they ever ask you why you did not pay your taxes, just say…”I forgot”.

Now that I have included a totally irrelevant joke in this post, I promise I will never apologize for not having posted anything on any blog for any length of time ever again.

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