What “words”; I am.

I–have found I am; because you call me.

How else would I be? but, reflections of words in your eyes–on your lips; in your mind.

A father; I am.

A friend;

A paired; unpaired someone; I was, I am.

An expectation; someone. Always–I am

A here, but there, or somewhere else someone;

A brother;

A counsel;

A teacher;

A man…I am–hope always becoming.

A poet?

A song–

A john…an Ahab…a name.

We are each–a spark — flying away eager–we hope a trip to Jupiter–

Away, on a beautiful warm summer night, campfire–the desert breeze dancing on our skin–face–breathing each other, or just I, ourselves

We are all here now–but now just passed away.

–Just trying to look in the mirror.

This is now–I always like being here.