Strange F@#king times!

I am exhausted–four years of dealing with a “Fascist wanna be” in the White House, and the pain of knowing there are more than enough idiots, ignorant fools, and worst of them all–crooked, self-serving, dishonest Republican politicians to help this monster get away with anything!

As if that was not enough; a freakin’ historical pandemic; social isolation that lasted for over two years, and wearing a mask I cannot tolerate, but for knowing my immune system is compromised and I am at a higher risk than the average Joe and need to try harder to protect myself.

THEN…as if that was not enough….The Pseudo Napoleonic, arrogant, egomaniac, criminal, heartless, piece of cat waste–shaped in the form of Putin decides to f#%k things up even more by invading a peaceful neighbor; claiming a smorgasbord of lies and right down “stupid” propaganda driven bull crap.

Oh, and BTW–I am going through a divorce; albeit thankfully a friendly “decoupling”; and I have cancer–though I am lucky enough that I have a type of the Big “C” that is more treatable and kills its victims more slowly.

What a f^&king show–what a “Five Years” it has been….am counting since August 26 (i think) 2017—it will be five years since I was diagnosed with cancer soon; two days before I flew to Iran to see my family (what is left of them).

And you know what??? Life is beautiful most of the time. My dog alone gives me so much love that I can be nourished and live on for years to come; or maybe till tomorrow (if something bad happens)…the point is we live in the NOW…we live, suffer, listen, talk, care, and LOVE…in TODAY and now….I am so grateful for having understood this remarkable, beautiful code of life.

Much to be hopeful for; much to find happiness in…all the s@#t….all the pain…..we can shove and shovel aside. At its core, every moment we have is fiercely worthy of experience.

Live Your Dream–I am trying; been for so long trying. That is the most any of us can do to honor the unpredictable and beautiful time we are gifted in this existence here.

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