Today was 4th of July…

Today was in many ways a wonderful 4th of July. Woke up not too early or later; around 8:00am. As usual walked to the front and back yard and listened for birds. Have this new app on my phone that is associated with a university research project in Germany where Ornithology students are trying to […]

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What “words”; I am.

I–have found I am; because you call me. How else would I be? but, reflections of words in your eyes–on your lips; in your mind. A father; I am. A friend; A paired; unpaired someone; I was, I am. An expectation; someone. Always–I am A here, but there, or somewhere else someone; A brother; A […]

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Been a while!

Just do it! Nike has not been right about much recently. But, their old motto still rings true. Been asking myself every night why I don’t just sit down and write a few lines here. My last post is a couple of months old. I came to a couple of great reasons. One of my […]

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Do…”something good”

Every day I wake up, get ready, and go outside to do what everyone has told me all my life matters. I actually think it does. If for no other reason, because there are people who depend on me for being out there. I have a small operation; five or six staff, a partner. We […]

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Lifeview Reflection

Now its time for the second part of the “Designing your Life” exercises. The first was about Workview; now…”Life”   REMEMBER, this is “my” exercise. My answers are not right or wrong. They are just how I view my world. The questions are designed to have any answer each person chooses to give; then reflect […]

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Vernal Equinox: Spring is here…

There are two days in any year when the day and night are equal in time; perfect equilibrium of dark and light. The moment this happens is called an “Equinox”. The one that occurs right between winter and spring, is scientifically known as the “Vernal Equinox” I have always called it “NoRooz”, two words, “New” […]

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You Reap What You Sow

Say you take about twenty-five (25) years and just tolerate innocent ignorance. Say you realize the innocent are ignorant and try gently to move them in another direction after you have cuddled and protected them for many years. When you try, you will find out it is a tad bit too late. For a quarter […]

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My Workview Reflection

I am in the midst of reading and exercising “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. It is intended to literally help you design the life you want “now”, which may change from time to time. As it opines, the life you want is not the same when you are a teenager, a […]

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